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2021.12.07 09:51 FlamedFramed A vent about another website

Drawception, You probably haven't heard of that site. Basically it's like the telephone game but drawing mixed in. The rules are very strict there, yet its community was fantastic. They had a whole forums section there and that's were you can interact with others. Well I say interact. The rules there are strict and dont allow threads to go off topic and they dont allow forum games anymore. If a thread breaks the rules its gonna get locked which happens a lot since it's so easy to go off topic. It was the place I went to when I was bored, and eventually I got invited to a discord server made by some of the users there but it fell apart and no one talks with me on discord anymore.
But recently things got worse. First I was in a bad state, no one seemed to want anything to do with me anymore and it caused me to end up being a huge jerk and saying stupid things. I wish I could have just outright said how I'm feeling rather than say really stupid things. I want to apologize for the things I have said and done but I feel it wont cut it. Now it feels awkward being on there but things still got worse
Recently they did a thread cleaning, were threads got locked en masse because of all these rules they broke, like somehow not contributing to conversation or somehow being a duplication of some other thread. They had like an email where you can complain if you felt one thread being locked was unfair but I dont think anyone is going to use it, since it will only be in vain. It dosen't feel like "home" anymore. The site was kinda dying but now I pretty sure this cleanup I did was a big nail in the coffin. I made a lot of cool posts on there, some not cool but I try to put that behind me. I'll miss the community there and i will miss the community that used to be there in better times I spent there. but it isn't home anymore and i should move to greener pastures. One problem is I cant find a place like it or other simple forum sites, at least Reddit is alright so I have come back here.
Well that's my vent I guess. Thank you to anyone who has read this.
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2021.12.07 09:51 mattg2206 Is my forehead too big for a buzzcut? It’s in a ponytail rn

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2021.12.07 09:51 NikkiRexo Does clonazolam show up on a regular urine screen at a drs office?

I have tried to find what it metabolizes as with little luck. I was wondering if it would even show up in urine since it isn’t an rx benzo and if it did, what would it show up as?
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2021.12.07 09:51 Memer25_2006 Do not nut today, today is for respecting fallen Soldiers and sailors.

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2021.12.07 09:51 IrradiatedBadger Is there a way to see what Nemesis parts I already have?

I haven't played in a long time and when I was playing before I was working towards Nemesis, IIRC its tied to the stronghold on a weekly rotation, but I can't remember what 2 I already did, is there a way to check what I already have?
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2021.12.07 09:51 Snoo-75532 My best friend kissed me

Not sure what to do next... me early 40s her mid 50s... we started to be friends at work, then i left that job and we stayed friends. In all honesty i wanted to sleep with her, she is still really pretty. We hang out 3 times a week we have gotten pretty close, i don't want to sleep with her anymore, its grown past that.. well i would if i thought thats what she wanted but it would be weird at this point... about a month ago, as i was leaving her house, she gives me a big hug and she kisses me... it was a complete miss, lands on my chin. She laughed, it was weird and i shrugged it off. We haven't really talked about it.. she can be silly some times and we are comfortable around each other... i am not sure how she is feeling about it. We have talked about having a relationship and agreed to keep it friendly. I feel like there was something behind the kiss and she's trying to give me a sign. I'm not really looking to lose her as a friend but i don't think we are right as a couple. Not sure how to handle it
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2021.12.07 09:51 TehCatalystt The Observations (and Importance) of a Notetaker.

Hello, I'm the notetaker for my current (2) groups, one of which has reliably met for the past 6 years. I wanted to share some of my observations about the importance of Notetaking, particularly when it comes to long-term, homebrew campaigns.
TLDR: Note Takers ease the burdens of the DM and keep the party (And in some cases, the DM) on-goal, and also give the party the ability to go back to the notes later and reminisce.
My Tragic Backstory (Skippable)

So back in November 2015 I picked up TTRPGs as I joined a new group online, I heard something about a note taker being needed and thought "alright, I'll do that I guess", and so I opened up Googledocs. Since then I've played in two 1-20 homebrew campaigns, each spanning about two years. The first totaling 114 pages across 72 sessions (Starting Nov29,2015), the second totaling 148 pages across 110 sessions(Starting July6,2018). I'm currently in a third, though that's on Hiatus (As that group is currently doing smaller adventures) and 4th (Icewind Dale, also Hiatus). There are numerous other, smaller adventures, that I've been a part of, but there's not much of a point to recounting those unless you're within those groups. 
The DM's story, or: "How to keep track of the plot"
In the campaigns I've been a part of. One thing has more or less remained a consistent problem, no matter which group I played with (totaling 4) there was, consistently, the problem of staying on track. What i'm referring to here is the overarching plot of the world. The Individual goals of the party members, and the magical macguffins the DMs will send you to get. Without notes relating to the current task at hand, we have reliably gotten lost and while we resolved the problem at hand, it was rather disjointed in context. (Balancing RP/Engagement with notetaking is tricky, RP takes priority, so sometimes notes start lacking.)
In my brief foray into DMing, I've experienced, to a smaller degree, some of the problems with no one as a note taker. If I seed a detail to the players, Particularly if improv'd, I have no record of what I gave to the players information-wise. If I forget the current goal of the party, I have to hope to god someone brings up what we were hunting before they encounter it. Did I give them this bit of info, did I provide this to the party. What knowledge could they have, should they have, and don't have yet?
My DM experience and experiences afterwards only exacerbated what I suspected; That DMs (or at least, the ones I've played with) rely on player notes way more than they're willing to admit. To a degree, there are some DM-created notes to help this, but both of those 1-20 campaign DMs have told me privately things to the effect of "You have no idea (or maybe you do) how instrumental your notes were for keeping things on track. I couldn't remember something? u/TehCatalystt did, or wrote it down.". There have been several moments where my DMs have asked me privately "Hey do you remember what happened with this thing, I need this info, I can't be bothered looking, and I can't tell you why I need to know." and I've been oh-so-happy to oblige. The less your DM needs to take their own notes, the more the DM can look ahead and weave a story.
Part of weaving the story is providing the party with their plot points piecemeal. That likely means recurring characters, items, themes, frequently overlapping in ways that are hard to keep track of. Which is also where I come in. Note taking means you can more easily keep track of when, where, how, and why recurring characters overlap. With Timeskips and concurrent stories, or other time-crucial things; it's far harder to do so while going off of memory, particularly when chunks of that are improv.
Now, I want to take a brief moment to speak as (and to) any note taker. Note taking is hard, nowhere near as hard as DMing, but finding the balance between recording the journey, and being an actual part of that journey is tricky. I'm still not perfect at it 6 years in and I'll likely still be struggling in the years to come. No amount of notes is worth lack of participation. There have been times where I'd start taking notes, stop at some point to do some RP, and then fill in the gaps after the session when I have some spare time.
Fun first, words on paper second. If your DM disagrees, well... No DnD is better than Bad DnD.
One of the last, underrated aspects of notetaking and its importance, is actually not related to when the game is running, it's when the game isn't running. Years later, I can go back to some of my old notes and just talk about them with the other players, it kinda gives it a wierdly tangible proof of the journey. The random snowball fight as we first landed in a country that would be our last in that campaign. The Betrayal of a party member as they sought to kill us all for an opposing nation. The final after-campaign session where our Warforged Wizard sailed off into the outer reaches of space after spending centuries repairing the moon. These moments, big or small, matter to me as a player, and they're immortalised within what I write, for both me and my group. For me, that's priceless, that's part of the reason I play, and it is why I'm a notetaker.
Some Examples of Notes acting as both a guide and a recollection (Permission was granted by players and DM, grammar is messy, but I can't type as fast as the DM speaks)
The day we learned the Paladin served the wrong crown.
^ This actually led to the town in question being wiped off the map.
An Eerie Jaunt to an ancient city, hidden away from the world.
A trip to Mount Celestia as we prep for BBEG and their minions.
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2021.12.07 09:51 Steviebee123 Welcome foreigners to avoid demographic cliff edge, Korea told - Times Higher Education

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2021.12.07 09:51 Creat1veScience Free A level revision resource

I am developing an A level science revision resource
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2021.12.07 09:51 popdog_ Having trouble with R9 270x

My R9 270x heats up very quickly while under load (on idle usually around 40-47C). The temperature caps out at 100C and after a short while the core clock speed gets reduced from 1070Mhz to only 450Mhz. So the question: is there anyway to stop it from doing this, can i disable it?
I tried doing something in MSI Afterburner which doesnt seem to work. (disabled ULPS, and the unofficial overclocking mode is set to "without PowerPlay support") I also set a custom fan curve but doesnt help the situation.
The model is a Sapphire one with two fans and copper heatpipes, i applied new thermal paste recently. AMD Radeon Software is up to date, with verison 21.5.2
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2021.12.07 09:51 NewsElfForEnterprise Canadian drugmaker says plant-based coronavirus vaccine is effective in Phase 3 study

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2021.12.07 09:51 penisbumsex Name of this game?

I once played this card game in which we were given an example of something with numerous answers. And the answer that is the "least likely" for someone to get would award the most points. For example, a currency that used to be the mark, or a country that used to be owned by England (a well-known example such as the USA would not give as many points as a lesser-known example such as Cyprus or whatever). I would really hope I can find this game somehow!
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2021.12.07 09:51 Imaginary-Market6172 Should i go for it?

So appearently, at least that's what my and her friends say, there are obvious hints that my crush (18F) might like me(17M) and i've been thinking about asking her out BUT i was just too nervous and so my friend (who byw actively works out abd i don't) told me that if i do not ask her out on the end of the week he will give me a full powered punch on my right arm and his GF who byw is one of the best friends of my crush always gives me a weird look when i'm around my crush (the look tells me to ask her) but something just really makes me nervous when i wanna ask her. I mean what could be so hard on asking "wanna hang out sometime?" Or something like that and i also feel like it might even work out but last time i got pressured to ask a girl out (different school different friends like years ago) it did not went so well and i always think back on that when i wanna ask her out which makes me scare back and change the topic whe i was about to ask
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2021.12.07 09:51 hosealdo i called this... turtles grappling

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2021.12.07 09:51 Olachea I talked on a date about politics, economics and religion

So last Saturday I (M25) went on a date with my best friend, he went with his girlfriend and she went with her friend (F22), she is a single mom with a 4 years old daughter. After the date, I took her home and that’s it. The next day my friend asked me why I talked about politics, economics and religion, her friend told me that she found me attractive but in a first date never talk about those topics. She also said that she wants to date again. So what kind of topic can I talk?
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2021.12.07 09:51 Gericop Crow trying to land on AC in my window in slow motion (best part is around 1:10)

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2021.12.07 09:51 scrovak Man in custody, set $6 million bail, following a triple homicide stabbing in the Odessa area

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2021.12.07 09:51 najibullosamiev SELECTED STOCK WORKS 2021

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2021.12.07 09:51 AHwoodworking Best beginner bow upgrade I’ve done yet. CBE Tactic Micro

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2021.12.07 09:51 ACIM_FRP Lesson 341 meditation

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2021.12.07 09:51 Consistent_Judge_840 $Gyro - The leading Olympus Dao (Ohm) fork on the Binance Smart Chain

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2021.12.07 09:51 swagNextTuber Why China was ready with short guest list for Beijing Winter Olympics long before US diplomatic boycott

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2021.12.07 09:51 Most_Pomegranate_972 It scares me watching him smile like that

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2021.12.07 09:51 djentleman_nick A well-maintained game library is the key to good mental health

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2021.12.07 09:51 kloppo907 Omer Yurtseven vs Memphis Grizzlies | NBA | 6 PTS 4 REB

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