Can any one help me ??? Become better at the game

2021.12.07 08:49 kian_8787 Can any one help me ??? Become better at the game

I played fortnite since season 2 chapter 2 and iam not good , my ping is usually on 150 , 200 . I know basic building not very good at edit and terrible at aim , so as chapter 3 has came out i want to become better and don't let my Friends make fun of me but do you guys know where to start playing just battle royal ? or creative maps ?, and i perfer training by my self because all my friends are try hards that head shot you after three seconds that you respawned .
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2021.12.07 08:49 Positive_Edge_5814 Serious question, is it weird to beat it to half naked women on TikTok? Why or why not?

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2021.12.07 08:49 Medium-Room1078 CR6 - Minor scaring on 2 different prints in exsacly the same location?

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2021.12.07 08:49 kautica0 Why won’t Live Text work on iPhone X?

It seems like the ability to copy text from a photo is software related rather than hardware. Why won’t it work on iPhone X with iOS 15?
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2021.12.07 08:49 JoblessRabbit Steam and xbox

If I buy Halo Infinite campaign from steam, is it possible to play it on xbox one that I have? Or do I have to buy it from the xbox store? I know game pass is a thing but still
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2021.12.07 08:49 Something-ology For context to anyone who doesn't know - I'm banned

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2021.12.07 08:49 Chernoglediat ...

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2021.12.07 08:49 fresh_mocha 211207 [HAPPY NI-KI DAY!] Birthday Celebration Twitter Retweet Event (After Tweet on 12/8 - 11:59PM, 12/9 KST)

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2021.12.07 08:49 LeChef01 Recommendation for well sized case with removable top panel

So, I messed up and bought a shiny, big air cooler that unfortunately is larger than my case is wide… I‘ve been into PC building for a while now and thought stuff like this wouldn‘t happen to me anymore, but alas…
Time to get a new case I guess! My old one wasn‘t great anyways (Corsair Carbide).
I‘m looking for an ATX case that has a removable top panel, which would allow for easier movent of the mobo and access to the CPU power and top fan headers, especially when there‘s a large cooler and mobo heatsinks in the way. Also it would be great to be able to attach fans to the top panel outside the case and then just slide it in.
Appart from that I‘m a fan of oldschool drive bays, so it would be cool to have that. I don‘t love RGB and colored features on the front panel.
Lian Li‘s O11 series looks really cool, but I think they’re not wide enough for my cooler (I need about 165mm). Also they‘re a bit expensive.
Any other ideas? Thank you!
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2021.12.07 08:49 PadreToxico ** Your LOFIness ** Extraordinary selection of LOFI tracks with beats. Curated with care.

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2021.12.07 08:49 DaddyTJapan How to choose and use the best Japanese rice cooker for you 4K

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2021.12.07 08:49 BurntOrange101 Fa la la la la here’s my SEVENTH day [gifted] post!!!!!!!

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2021.12.07 08:49 Similar_Childhood_70 22M [FRIENDSHIP] M4F

Hi there.. want to meet new people to chat with. Just friendship but I’m open for everything. Just send me a message and i will respond. Hope to see you soon.
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2021.12.07 08:49 Zeroman_79 Aerouant-Watermelon Sugar(Cover)-12/4/21

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2021.12.07 08:49 Surlycow End game. And what take so Ling for the maintenance

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2021.12.07 08:49 CrashmasterSOAD Paparazzi Productions present Old School vs. New School debate [TNA iMPACT! 2007.07.12]

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2021.12.07 08:49 Ok_Particular_450 SantaBonk - 7% busd rewards | Chart is mooning | Great planned marketing strategy

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas! SantaBonk is the latest BONK token on the Binance Smart Chain. It has a strong community who like to BONK and know how to slurp. Buy SantaBonk and hold to earn BUSD rewards every hour!
Supply 1,000,000,000
LP burnt
10% Tax

Every buy or sell transaction is taxed with a 10% fee., 7% of them are converted to BUSD and reward to holders, 2% is used for marketing. This is very important to increase or holders and new big investors. 1% we are going to use for increase the liquidity and stabilize the price.
With SantaBonk you are going to have huge BUSD rewards, so you is double benefit for you. Just holding if our token makes a x100 you win more!.
Side trivia - the contract ends in "beef". This was purely random and has nothing to do with the contract itself, but that's got to be a good omen!
Contract: 0x3fe191cb269f9beffb241b7e8413761363adaa04
Buy Now:
LP Locked:
Renounced Ownership:
With the current hype of BONK tokens, we will aim to provide people the most secure place for them to invest. So here we have gone back to basics, and what we mean by that is - honesty, guaranteeing that you can secure the maximum amount of profit!
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2021.12.07 08:49 brokenbylg Meeting you was the worst thing that ever happened to me.

I wish I had never known you. You have effectively killed a big part of myself that could love others deeply. Now I got nothing. Just an empty shell while you have moved on to the next person you were manipulating while we were together. I feel sorry for her. And i really feel sorry for myself. You deserve to be in those seedy bars you used to hang out. That was your place. The only touch you deserve is from hookers who are getting paid for it. You don't deserve anybody's love.
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2021.12.07 08:49 hawkerzero Roll-out of end-to-end encrypted backps

End-to-end encrypted backups to Google Drive/iCloud started rolling out more than 8 weeks ago. It was advertised as a slow roll-out, but I don't yet see it as an option in my chat backup settings.
Any idea when it will be generally available on Android? It seems some people not on the beta channel are getting the option. What things determine whether you get the option?
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2021.12.07 08:49 oh-my-code Zip

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2021.12.07 08:49 Melodic-Committee270 Send me Brookes discord please

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2021.12.07 08:49 j4kesta He thinks this is about him

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2021.12.07 08:49 Bak1iio Promoting my channel, hoping I can have subs

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2021.12.07 08:49 Abcdefg123gfe Boost for boost?

Can anyone in the Earnin Community help me boost my Max? 🙂
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2021.12.07 08:49 cancerwisher Want your opinions on polygon

I invested in Loopring but I'm curious to hear your thoughts comparing them? Loopring sub is obviously biased so I wanted to ask here. Just want to learn
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