Where to next?

2022.01.24 13:26 all_hail_hell Where to next?

I’ve defeated Last Giant, Pursuer, Dragonrider, Dragonslayer, Ruined Sentries, Flexile Sentry, Belfry Gargoyles and Last Sinner. Now I’m at a dead end. Should I go to Huntsman’s Copse now? It’s the next bonfire I have unlocked?
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2022.01.24 13:26 JFPScci Pakistan Defence 80% budget, Horrible narrative, a planed planning again...

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2022.01.24 13:26 johnwick3217b Trading cr lvl 10 for coc account

I have a clash royale account level 10, I'm looking for a rushed account, the more rushed the better, please comment before you dm
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2022.01.24 13:26 NickyTheWolf The Shifting Lands RP

The Shifting Lands is a roleplay server on the PlayStation.
The server has a friendly community and active admins in the discord and on the server itself(but admin application are always open)
There is not a central story(just a small lore one) making it that you have your own choose in making you character how you want them to be (with a exception on God's your character needs to be killable) So do you want to be a viking,a peasant, a hybrid or vampire? Your welcome to join!.
Check the discord for the rules and more information! Discord Link
Or comment under this post if you have any questions
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2022.01.24 13:26 Suprflyyy Seriously worse then the avatar outbreak in the 2010's

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2022.01.24 13:26 PropertyNo7411 Old Habits Die Hard: MTSO and Reports

1985 Case
DOJ's opinion:

"Upon completion of their investigation into Manitowoc's prosecution of Avery they sent an email to the Wisconsin AG lawyer's office wherein they state 'it appears you were correct, there was no real investigation done. They [MTSO] had a suspect and were going to make it work. Troubling to us is the lack of paperwork.'"

2005 Case
34 Officers performing work on the property spanning 8 days and 744.5 hours
7 Officers write reports spanning 14 Pages.

The End.
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2022.01.24 13:26 QuiscoverFontaine A Zeppelin and Zinfandel

The woman at the bar adjusted her furs and cast only a cursory glance at the wine list before turning to Levin. 'You wouldn't happen to have any Carménère, would you?' she said, her voice low but just audible over the constant thrum of the engines.
Levin had to fight to keep his expression neutral. This was it. She was older than he'd been expecting and conspicuously nouveau riche, but appearances meant nothing in this game. 'I'm afraid not, madam, but we do have a bottle of Zinfandel available. Would that be of interest?' he said, trying not to make the phrase sound rehearsed.
With as little flourish as he could muster, he pulled out the bottle from under the bar and held it up so she could read the label. The zeppelin's bar was small and crowded. If anyone noticed he was serving an off-menu wine, the whole operation would collapse. One never knew who might be on board.
The woman surveyed the bottle from beneath her heavily made-up eyelids and nodded. 'It'll do, I suppose.'
Levin dutifully poured a glass for her, left the bottle on the bar, and moved away to take another order. It was done. It was out of his hands now. The agent would know to find her instructions on the reverse of the bottle's label and everything would proceed as planned once they landed back in Germany.
He busied himself mixing cocktails for the other patrons, and when he turned back, both the woman and the bottle had disappeared.
His next customer was a young man in a well-cut suit and an air of calm self-assuredness. He smiled and gave Levin a knowing look. 'I say, you wouldn't happen to have any Carménère, would you?' he said, his voice low but just audible.
Original here.
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2022.01.24 13:26 hechoc Cuantos de ustedes son hijos del pecado?

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2022.01.24 13:25 PapiShot 🚀 Thanos Inu 🚀 | Fair Launch Today | Based Dev| 💎 💎 A TRUE HIDDEN MEME GEM 💎 💎 | NFT Marketplace, Staking, Metaverse | A Metameme token with multiple utilities !!!!🚀 🚀 Binance Smartchain



A safe and secured micro-cap token to ape in with low starting marketcap. Potential is endless, Thanos will snap his fingers to gather and distribute a massive amount of resources all throughout the galaxy!


📊 Tokenomics

🏦 Total Supply : 1,000,000,000 $THANOS


✨ 2% Buy Back

📈 5% Liquidity

💎 3% Rewards


Contract Verified:

BUY HERE: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x1028d62c03d0ef36fd836a961c009300b3151d35

Liquidity Locked

Utility: Marketplace, Staking, Metaverse

Earn Passive income with us in our STAKING PLATFORM


• Stage 1

THANOS Stealth Launch

Community building (telegram, twitter, reddit, etc)

Coinmarketcap listing

Coin gecko listing

Website V1 Launch

• Stage 2

Massive marketing push

Dextools trending

KYC and Audit

Staking platform release (Website V2)


• Stage 3


Advanced marketing

NFT Marketplace


• Stage 4



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2022.01.24 13:25 Ok_Self_8074 Is fertilized egg a parasite?

It takes a woman's body as its host for nine months, slowly growing in size and metamorphosing into an infant-stage human,
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2022.01.24 13:25 SoupRyze ELITE500 STOICISM CS HACK

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2022.01.24 13:25 TheAlienMan33 What and why would you consider an Anime overrated?

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2022.01.24 13:25 WinningNMW Harnessing the power of the gods...

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2022.01.24 13:25 SvatyFini I think chronicles are absolutely amazing and everybody should play them but...

there are things that i didnt like. I would like to start a discussion about what and why. What you didnt like? Did you also have problems with things I am going to list? I would really like to see your opinions!
This will be exhausting list:
No murder choices
In my game, i didnt have a single choice of letting somebody go after i beaten him, or kill them. All npcs are either considered bandits and murdered immediatly or Marvin does animation that he cant kill them. I dont understand why. There are so many possible scenarios in which the player could let somebody go alive without killing them or kill someone.

Immoral npcs
There is too many NPCs that are immune to all damage. I understand that for NPCs that are important to story, but just random guards does not make sence. It would be better if they had very, very high health and str, so player have choice to fight them or no.

Damage types
when i saw that there are more damage types, i was really excited. More decisions for player to make, different equipment will have more value for certain enemies etc. But no, it seems that even if enemy is durable vs certait damage type, it still can be easilly killed with any other. I wish they had much higher resistance to those damages (depending on enemies for example, stronger enemies could have much higher resistance, or be even immune), because after a while, it doesnt matter that enemy is durable vs blunt weapon, when i can still 3 hit it with blunt weapon.

Too much money
Later ingame, when player joins fraction, he is given all the weapons and armor he needs, doesnt even need to buy or upgrade. That leads to hoarding too much money which leads to another problem.

Player too strong too fast
I found the breaking point to be learning pernament potions. In my opinion they shouldnt even be ingame. Since i got the skill to make them, the game became just kill ANYTHING without much problem. There are just so many ways to increase atributes that perm. potions are just way overpowered and completly ruin the game flow. Marvin is supposed to be just random dude that flees from war and that is the first half of the game. The player decides where to go, what to explore, what to kill, what to buy, etc. Since I made permanent potions, even the strongest weapon i could find was 30-40 str bellow str i had and i was able to kill the entire camp of orcs all by myself. That is not what Marvin is supposed to do lore-wise and should not be something the player should be able to do so "early" in the game. Another thing in this problem is the amount of money the player have since he doesnt have to buy armor / weapons. Almost every merchant sells something with perm. stats up. Potions, soups, herbs. And since the player doesnt need anything, he buys those things, and getting stronger and stronger too fast.

Respawning enemies
Another problem with getting too strong too fast is respawning enemies. Its not even after chapters, they just spawn on map somewhere, where it doesnt even make sence. I like the idea of place where the animals are breeding. Like lurker coast or scavenger meadow. But why the hell are spawning blood flies and young field raiders on the road? If anything they should only spawn in their habitats or caves, not just randomly around the map. It got annoying after a while going the same way 5 times and every time fighting 4 super weak enemies for no reason. I would change that to spawn them in places that make sence, or dont spawn them at all. The player gets too strong anyway, so just getting more xp for basically nothing isnt great gameplaywise.

Enemies that are supposed to be strong are weak
For this point, i will ignore the part of game where the player is already overpowered, because that is problem on its own.
There are certain enemies, that obviously should be strong. Very strong. But for some reason they are not. It is scary to see shadowbeast earlygame and that is the point. But it doesnt make sence to be abble to kill them In ch3 with not much problems. The same goes for even "Stronger" enemies. The game designs them to be slightly stronger than the last enemy, but since the power the player has grows much faster later ingame, it would make much more sence also make those superstrong enemies so much stronger. Undead shadowbeast is almost the same as normal shadowbeast, while it should be lethal to player even in lategame, same works for other enemies.

Vardhal (major spoiler)
I really enjoyed the self contained area of golden mine. Its nice change with different economy and i wish it would be bigger with more content in it, but that is not the point.
The point is that i though Vardhal will be something similiar. The entire time player prepares for it, everybody is saying how difficult and extreme it will be and the player can get packages to make the expedition easier. But why? After all its just not-so-long dungeon that can be done solo except one area. I think this area had SO much potential but it was wasted. All the preparation and NPC gathering for not so much content. The biggest problem here is obviously player being overpowered from previous points.
I would make something similiar to the golden mine. Since there is crumbly bridge as entrance, the player could bring in lets say 3 weapons (melee/ ranged/ damage types), one armor, some amount of spells and provisions. then it would make sence gathering all the provisions, since they would help you masively in the ruins. Similiar to golden mine there would be closed economy, so the palyer would have to make choices. Companions would become more useful, so you would need to use them more frequently, other NPCs could be used to give you periodically things you need for each provision you take, so they are not just standing there the entire time doing literally nothing. The idea of Vardhal is amazing, the execution wasnt se good.

Quests that should have been quests and why is this a quest
There are instances ingame, where the player gets quest and completes it just after walking from point A to point B. This wouldnt be issue if this was the point of the quest but as example: After finishing Vardhal the player gets quest to leave it. And since its literally the only thing you can do, you leave it. The quest is complete. Wtf? This could just be ending to previous quest or start of the next one. Why are there these kind of quests, that players wont even notice if they wont open journal after every entry they get?
The other side of this coin are ingame events that could easily be quest. In my mind the most memorable is When you find shadowbeast in slums arena. That could have easily be quest with all the fights, talking with npcs about the beast and then choice either reporting arena to guards and sending them to prison and saving them, or getting the beast there, getting some gold but resulting in the mass slaugter. This was one of the most memorable things ingame for me and the only thing I got is note on one of the corpses.
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2022.01.24 13:25 Zebrob Create a Player limitations?

I've wondered if there's a practical reason that we don't have offline access to some of the custom gear available in the online play?
The models for the fun sticks/skates are obviously already in the game, so why not allow us to use/unlock them in franchise/be a pro etc? One of my favorite ways to play is with custom players/teams, and I think it would be a welcome addition.
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2022.01.24 13:25 galaxy4654 Part 2 of last poll.

lmk of anyone other pools to add
View Poll
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2022.01.24 13:25 NegativeFarm6053 CHOP research funding

I'm starting at a new lab and am hoping to get either an hourly wage or grant. The project isn't funded, but I was wondering if there was an external way to apply for compensation either through CHOP or the university? It's not technically a work-study.
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2022.01.24 13:25 peace_keeper977 Possibility of US,UK sent weapons ending up in the black market

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2022.01.24 13:25 NetMassimo Navigare a vela verso gli asteroidi

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2022.01.24 13:25 Dangerous-Income-417 My great great great grandmas autograph book. Been in the closet since 1989 and before that it was in a different closet. Is it worth less because its in pencil? It also has someone else's signature on the other side idk if that affects it either

My great great great grandmas autograph book. Been in the closet since 1989 and before that it was in a different closet. Is it worth less because its in pencil? It also has someone else's signature on the other side idk if that affects it either submitted by Dangerous-Income-417 to Autographs [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 13:25 nessundorma He’s just a little different.

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2022.01.24 13:25 Kickapoo_Vector A discrepancy with Karl's supposed excellency as a paper boy.

Apologies if this observation has been posted before.
Karl constantly maintains how good he was as a paper boy and how everyone always got their paper on time and how hard he worked for the shop but in S2 E12 Karl describes this encounter he has with a homeless man:
he goes, “Do you want a… do you want a Big Issue?” I said, “Nah.” He said, “Come on, I’ve got loads of ‘em,” right? So I, I sort of said, “Oh, when I was a kid, and I used to do a free paper round of free papers, well, I just put them in a bin and go home.”
This obviously goes against Karl's narrative that he was an amazing paper boy.
Was this just a one time thing or did Karl hyperbolise his career as a paperboy as he did with the boxing and dancing?
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2022.01.24 13:25 LinkedPioneer You should know: Masturbation does not “reduce risk of prostate cancer.” So stop using it as a cope.

Masturbation does not reduce risk of prostate cancer at all. The claim originates from a study that is correlative and unreliable. The conflictions make it untrustworthy and there are other studies that show it actually increases the risk of prostate cancer.
There is not a single person that actually masturbates because they’re “scared of prostate cancer.” It’s the definition of a cope. And if it was truly that effective at reducing your risk of prostate cancer, doctors would be prescribing it as a preventative measure.
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2022.01.24 13:25 Jakob_8 [Cptn. Hooktusk] Potential triple (Razorfen Geomancer) - whats the Play

[Cptn. Hooktusk] Potential triple (Razorfen Geomancer) - whats the Play What should I have done?

I let the triple go - and HeroPowered my Geomancer.
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2022.01.24 13:25 -LNZ- The DD Masters called it. That GME would dip following all the market. But GME will come back. LIKE A PHOENIX FROM ASHES 🚀🚀 BUCKLE UP AND DRS 🟣🟣

The DD Masters called it. That GME would dip following all the market. But GME will come back. LIKE A PHOENIX FROM ASHES 🚀🚀 BUCKLE UP AND DRS 🟣🟣 submitted by -LNZ- to Superstonk [link] [comments]