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Dame Judy Dench makes a great point about changing an author's work so fundamentally in an adaptation


2022.01.24 12:56 Nineradvocate Dame Judy Dench makes a great point about changing an author's work so fundamentally in an adaptation

First off, Judy Dench is phenomenal. I loved her in so many movies, but she was a fantastic M, especially in Skyfall. What a great Bond movie.
Anyway - she was asked about a woman playing 007 next. I thought part of her answer was very interesting and relevant to the whole Raginor debacle:
[Judy Dench on new 007 changes](http:// https://www.express.co.uk/celebrity-news/1554216/Judi-Dench-James-Bond-female-woman-next-bond-M-daniel-craig-news-latest-updates)
However, the star did share her thoughts when asked about who the next Bond should be played by.
Speaking in the latest edition of Saga Magazine, the acting legend was quizzed about if the role should be played by a woman.
This comes after Daniel Craig appeared for the final time in the role last year.
When asked about potential casting, Judi replied: “As things go, that’s fine.
“But then should you call it ‘By Ian Fleming?’ Who knows?”
I think she makes a very good point about making fundamental changes to an author's works in terms of the lead characters and the world / lore they wrote. At what point should you stop referring to it as Ian Fleming's Bond, or Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time? Should you lose the ability to do so? Should there be some kind of asterisk if you try to?
I don't think Rafe's show should carry the title of Wheel of Time. He has changed it too fundamentally. He should have to call the show something else and put a disclaimer that it was merely influenced by WoT. And he sure as hell shouldn't be invoking RJs name. This isn't what he wanted at all. Once Rafe started messing with the magic system and the central plot of LTT, etc, it ceased being RJs story. It would be like if Peter Jackson had made LOTR about a pair of magic shoes (ruby slippers?)... It just isn't the same thing anymore, and should not present itself as such.
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2022.01.24 12:56 xFate13 On ng+ and having a hard time getting through 5-1 , anyone wanna help me run through it?

Would be much appreciated
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2022.01.24 12:56 gray_SANDCHROME_gats [FOR SALE] Trek Alpha series 100 road bicycle

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2022.01.24 12:56 Ready_Ad_4014 🔥HUGE Fermi's Freaks GIVEAWAY🔥Join Discord For More Information!!🔥

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2022.01.24 12:56 knowmore90 First Kog with Yosenju, I'm very happy to post here !!

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2022.01.24 12:56 Dutch_melk Omg devoun and me the same omg🥶🥶🥶

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2022.01.24 12:56 a_Ninja_b0y UBC scientists unveil world’s first molecular-level analysis of Omicron spike protein

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2022.01.24 12:56 Leicabawse Chris Evans being rich and famous and then being usurped by a younger, more famous and better looking Chris Evans

Oddly satisfying how frustrating it must be when he tries to google himself
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2022.01.24 12:56 Tiny_Chipmunk7859 Looking to practice driving after getting my license. Rent/Lease/Buy?

I have obtained my license a few years ago and have not been driving since. Because of WFH and other factors, there was no reason for me to purchase a car until recently. I had liked to revise my driving before planning to purchase a car in the near future, parking, driving on the highway etc.
What should I do? Rental? Lease? Would appreciate any comments. :)
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2022.01.24 12:56 Poncho-P I F**D With the Wrong Scavs

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2022.01.24 12:56 TopDistinct5698 Off Season

I know the wounds are still fresh, but I think we need to start thinking about our off-season moves/draft. Let me know what you guys think but here's what I think needs to be done in order.
1) Rebuild the O-line. Its not strong enough and the last thing we need is Josh getting hurt and ending up like Cam Newton. Draft and invest in the O line.
2) Draft RB. I don't think the coahcing staff has confidence in Singletary or Moss. Draft a high end RB and hopefully they emerge fast
3) Retain Daboll/find a high end OC. This one will be hard since those NYG rumours are getting hotter. I like him but odds are he's done here, so I think Ken Dorsey or a high end OC would fit this role.
4) Restructure josh's contract. He's worth the money but 43 million a year is a lot. I think that lack of cap space has hurt teams like Seahawks, Packers and Falcons. More cap space means more stars to sign, same MO as LA.
Let me know your thoughts and what we should do!
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2022.01.24 12:56 SehnorCardgage No vinny for mobile order?

I often order a salad bowl delivery and I only receive the vinny in the bag like 1 out of 20 times. Why is it always missing?
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2022.01.24 12:56 heyitssei 26 [F4A] New personal goal

I'm tired of trying to find a pinoy slash halfie to interract with, bahala na kayo di naman kayo nagrereply >:(
Baka naman may kakilala kayo diyan mga siz, paambon ng kaswertihan
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2022.01.24 12:56 godoy42 Pasteizinhos de Colônia do Habibs

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2022.01.24 12:56 JaguarDagger Captain holt don't miss

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2022.01.24 12:56 hahatimefor4chan ALGS 2021-22 Pro League NA/EMEA Pick Rates - Split 1 Playoffs

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2022.01.24 12:56 matt00000011 Have you ever caught someone having sex in public? If so, what happened?

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2022.01.24 12:56 HopefulMammoth5686 Numéro 7 - A financial Webinar

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2022.01.24 12:56 Legitimate_Bag_2451 Why do I like to consider myself psychologically traumatized?

I apologize in advance for errors in the text, as English is not my native language.
I am a malingerer and like to attribute to myself mental disorders and traumas that I do not have. It gives me pleasure to think that I am unhappy and deeply traumatized, as if it gives me some kind of significance. I know it's stupid, but I can't help it. No matter how much I scold myself, I can not stop it. Why can't I just be happy that I'm normal?
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2022.01.24 12:56 skaterforsale New hotend upgrade issues

So I recently installed a Gulfcoast Robotics All Metal Hotend Conversion Kit and have a couple of issues but the first being that the fans+shroud don't fit around this new hotend because it's a little bigger than the stock version. Does anyone happen to have any recommendations on what to replace it with? I'd print something for it but it's currently not running and I can't really crank out a new fan shroud until I troubleshoot some of the other issues for it. Thoughts/suggestions?
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2022.01.24 12:56 HopefulLake5155 What does “a night” mean?

Hi, I am picking up pet sitting and I’m unsure of what to charge. Most people are charging 25$ a night but I’m unsure exactly what that means. For you, when you say a night do you mean a full 24 hour period? If someone needs a pet sitter Wednesday night-Friday morning. What would you charge?
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2022.01.24 12:56 bleutoow Could boruto comes back without momoshiki

Kawaki is able to use karma without any problems because of Amado and Ishiki’s soul being dead. If Momoshiki dies with boruto and boruto gets revived, then could boruto have the same fate as Kawaki?
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2022.01.24 12:56 UnitedInternet7646 H: BE max level flamer W: want legacy offers

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2022.01.24 12:56 tk421jag Huawei Phone will not work on AT&T SIM despite the phone being LTE compatible.

I've had my Huawei P30 Pro for a while now and I love it. I get comments about how great my camera is all the time. I started using it as my primary camera on trips because the photos turn out so amazing. I bought this phone because its unlocked and I do a lot of international traveling. It's easy to pop the sim out and put a new one in. Recently I started getting messages from Straight Talk saying my service would stop on my phone because it wasn't LTE compatible. When I bought it, I made sure that it was.
What I found out this morning is that AT&T isn't allowing Huawei to use their LTE network. So despite my phone having those settings, I can't use them.
Does that make phone phone completely useless now? I have service at my house right now but barely. I live in a very rural area and literally everyone has AT&T here because it's all that works. This seems like some kind of joke that every single person in my area has to have a new device that will support AT&T's LTE network or their phone will just stop working.
Does that mean, even though I'm using 4G on my phone, it won't work at all?
Can anyone recommend a really good unlocked phone that works on AT&T Straight Talk?
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2022.01.24 12:56 Biggeneral187 Ghetto couple !!!

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